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Essences of Scented Happiness

Why People Love Scented Candles:

In this highly paced, career-centric era, people are frantically seeking stress coping mechanisms. They often turn to dietary changes, meditation, religion, and exercise as agents of anxiety and stress relief. In more severe cases, they attempt to appease these sentiments with medication.

More people, however, are relishing the benefits of aromatherapy and incorporating the power of scent into their daily stress-relief routines. Scented candles are seen as a universal source of tranquillity and fragrance. Ever since ancient times, candles have accompanied people on religious ceremonies, meditation and more. But these days, chemists and candle makers have been able to harness the power of complex scents in order to boost the sensory power of candles.

Some of the most notable figures in history have turned to candles during times of stress. Candle light and smoke send a universally positive vibe to those who inhale their sweetly scented goodness.

Using Scented Candles for Stress-reduction:

Many people incorporate candles into motivational rituals, meditational practices, romantic settings, decorative pieces and more.

Scented candles can be used collectively with anxiety and stress-reducing breathing and meditation exercises. Picture this. You have just ordered scented candles from waxations, and you are sitting Indian style in front of a candle lit centrepiece. As you focus your gaze and attention on the luminescent flame, your stress filled thoughts disappear. As you inhale the fragrance of the candle with deep breaths, you slow down you physiological processes and fill your thoughts with positive, cherished memories.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways you can utilize aromatherapy. When you’re feeling frazzled, pull out your waxations scented candle, and relax.

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